Image of Arrow Brown Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Arrow Brown Leather Bracelet - Side view
Image of Arrow Brown Leather Bracelet - Side view

Arrow Brown Leather Bracelet


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The love for bracelets among men and women has constantly been growing. People buy bracelets so that they look stylish and amazing. People want bracelet jewelry that matches their attire. They want to add beauty to their outfits, so they look for a bracelet that pleases them. With several bracelets available in the market, ARROW BROWN LEATHER BRACELET is an affordable and stylish-looking bracelet. One can wear this bracelet with both casual attire and formal attire. This bracelet is very pocket-friendly and hence is a brilliant option as a gift on birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and many other occasions. This bracelet is made of bright quality materials, and it is very durable.


This bracelet will fit on any person's wrist since it is available in a standard size.


Leather is used for making this bracelet. The leather is of high quality, so the bracelet is very durable, and it lasts for a long time with proper care.


The colors used in this bracelet are of high quality, and they do not fade away easily. The leather is brown, and there is a metallic arrow design on the buckle, which is silver in color. The color looks so beautiful that it makes it a perfect bracelet to wear with watches as well. 


This bracelet has a simple and sober design, which makes this bracelet unique. All the design is done very delicately. There is a beautiful metallic design on the buckle, which is shaped like an arrow. 


It is a perfect gift since it is very affordable and beautiful as well. It can be gifted on various occasions as a leather bracelet gift box.


This bracelet is very durable, but if used with proper care, it can last much longer. You should not keep the bracelet in water because the leather will soak the water, and it would get hard and rough, causing cracks on the bracelet. You should always keep chemicals like nail paint away from this bracelet. Do not expose the bracelet jewelry to direct sunlight and moisture; it may dull its shine. To avoid scratches on the bracelet after use, keep it in a separate airtight container. Always wipe the bracelet after use with a soft and smooth cloth.

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