Image of Elephant Platinum Charm Bracelet - Front view
Image of Elephant Platinum Charm Bracelet - Front view
Image of Elephant Platinum Charm Bracelet - Side view
Image of Elephant Platinum Charm Bracelet - Front view

Elephant Platinum Charm Bracelet


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With the rising demand for bracelets among people, various bracelets have arrived in the market, increasing the choice for people to buy bracelets. People want those bracelets that look very stylish and are available at reasonable prices. They want a bracelet that has high-quality materials used for its making. One can find all these qualities in the ELEPHANT PLATINUM CHARM BRACELET, one of the best bracelet designs for women. A gorgeous bracelet will suit all of your outfits. 

You can wear this bracelet casually, and you can wear this bracelet on various occasions like a party or a birthday. It is the perfect bracelet for women, and it can also be given as a gift to ladies on Valentine's day, birthdays, bracelets for mothers day, etc.


Silver metal has been used in this bracelet, including small transparent crystals and blue-colored stones. The quality of all the materials is excellent and long lasting.


This bracelet is in silver color. The transparent and blue stones in it have an excellent luster, and the color quality is fantastic, 


The design of this bracelet is unique and completely different from other bracelets; it is excellent artistry; the silver-colored cable chain has a small elephant design with blue and white stones. These are placed very neatly. The design of this bracelet jewelry makes it classy and trendy.


The length of this bracelet is of standard size; it is adjustable, its length can be shortened or enlarged as per the requirements. 


For increasing the durability of this bracelet, one should take certain measures. It should be wiped with a smooth and dry cloth after use to protect its shine. Before entering a swimming pool or going to a beach, always remove your bracelet because if the bracelet meets water, the leather will soak water, making it hard and rough, causing cracks on the bracelet. Keep chemicals like nail paints away from the bracelet because the stainless steel on the bracelet may react to the chemicals when they come in contact leading to the bracelet losing its shine? Do not allow direct contact with sunlight and moisture. To prevent accidental scratches, always keep the bracelet jewelry in a box.

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