Image of Leaves Gold Charm Necklace - Front view
Image of Leaves Gold Charm Necklace - Top  view
Image of Leaves Gold Charm Necklace - Front view
Image of Leaves Gold Charm Necklace - Front view
Image of Leaves Gold Charm Necklace - Top view

Leaves Gold Charm Necklace


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If you are searching for a classic and unique designed necklace that can match any outfit and is extremely comfortable, then DByCA's LEAVES GOLD CHARM NECKLACE is a perfect choice. This necklace jewelry is very lightweight and has an elegant design. Magnify your style with this stylish necklace from DByCA. This necklace is an exquisite design; such designs are very much in fashion these days.    


This necklace length is adjustable. Its length can be made shorter or bigger as per the requirement. 


This necklace is made from extremely good and rich material. This necklace is made of gold-colored metal and is of excellent quality. 


The necklace is of golden color, and the color quality is extremely fine and rich.


The design of this necklace is very alluring and unique. This necklace compliments all your looks and everything you wear. The pendant of this necklace has a leaf-shaped design which makes it very fabulous. The design of the necklace chain type is also very attractive. The hook present in this necklace makes sure that this necklace can be worn and taken off easily.


This necklace is made of good quality material. There is no substance used in the making of this necklace that would harm your skin. It is completely allergic. 


Today, women go outside the house for work throughout the day, so they need this lightweight kind of jewelry; this necklace is light in weight and can be worn comfortably throughout the day.


Are you looking for a beautiful gift for your girlfriend, mother, or wife?  This necklace for mother’s day or other occasions is a perfect choice. You can give this gift to your mother, wife, or girlfriend on any kind of occasion like wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, etc. This necklace is pocket-friendly as well.


This necklace is extremely durable, but if used with proper care, it can last way longer. Keep away from perfume, nail paint, and other chemical substances. It should not be soaked in water; otherwise, it may lose its shine. Wipe your jewelry with a dry cloth after every use. Always put your jewelry separately in a flat box to avoid scratches, wrap it in cotton and keep it in an airtight box, which keeps its shine new for a long time.

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