Image of Triangle Gold Charm Necklace - Front view
Image of Triangle Gold Charm Necklace - Side view
Image of Triangle Gold Charm Necklace - Front view

Triangle Gold Charm Necklace


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The Triangle gold charm necklace of the DByCA brand is gorgeous and has an exquisite design. Such designs are very much in trend at present. College girls, office-going women, will love this as it is lightweight; it can be worn the whole day comfortably without any irritation on both ethnic and western dresses. It goes well with every dress. Any woman who wears this necklace will increase the beauty of her neck. Its quality is rich and is going to last for a long time. Its shine will appear the same for many years as if it was just bought. Be it a necklace or pendant by DByCA; you will always get the best and unique designs. 


It is standard in size, and its length is adjustable, so it fits conveniently on every neck.


The necklace is made of golden-colored metal. Its material quality is excellent and rich, due to which this necklace lasts for a long time. The necklace hook clasp is also of good quality.


The design is made of golden-colored metal; the pendant is made by connecting three triangles, making it artistic. The pendant is hanging in a thin golden-colored chain; It can be worn on any occasion. It can be shortened or enlarged in length. DByCA’s necklace or earrings, you will find the best pieces according to the trend and requirements. 


The necklace's design is very smooth; it does not have any sharp design, which may cause any injury or scratch to the skin. It is harmless to the skin in all forms. 


This necklace has a unique design, and it looks very attractive. It makes it a great choice as a gift that can be given to your wife, mother, or girlfriend on various occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary, and birthdays. Along with all this, this necklace is affordable for almost everyone. It is the best necklace to get your girlfriend to express your feelings. 


Always keep the necklace away separately in a flat box. Keep the necklace wrapped in cotton so that the shine does not disappear and it does not look dull. Do not expose this necklace to excessive moisture and water. Keep the necklace away from chemicals like nail paints, alcohol, etc., so that it does not lose its luster. Wipe the necklace with a soft and dry cloth after you use it.

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