Image of Weave Black Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Weave Black Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Weave Black Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Weave Black Leather Bracelet - Side view
Image of Weave Black Leather Bracelet - Side view

Weave Black Leather Bracelet


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Leather bracelets are in trend these days; leather bracelets are a status symbol to the modern style jewelry for men and youth. If you are also crazy about fashion and want to get a good and unique bracelet for yourself, you can buy this Weave black leather bracelet.

Made of unique and exquisite design, you can wear the bracelet not only at the party but also at the office, at leisure, and in other places. You can wear it with any normal t-shirt or jeans; it looks very good on every outfit. This bracelet never goes out of fashion as it is classic and unique. Those who like to keep their look stylish and attractive will love this bracelet.


This bracelet is made of soft and rich quality leather that lasts a long time. The beads attached to the bracelet are of good quality.


This bracelet is in black color, along with these brown beads and off-white strips have been used in which color quality is vibrant.


It is a very elegantly designed bracelet jewelry. Thin strips of leather have been combined to make this bracelet, and in this, a knotted strip of leather has been used, which looks very attractive to see. With this, it has been decorated by making a garland of brown colored beads of plastic. In this way, it is designed carefully and precisely for a detailed design. 


Perfect for every wrist, it is in a standard size that fits comfortably on every wrist. It is also adjustable.


No such material has been used in making this bracelet which can harm the skin, and this bracelet is skin-friendly. 


You can gift this bracelet for mothers day or any other occasion as its design is so beautiful that your loved ones will love it. You will be proud of your choice when you see it. Apart from being attractive, it is low priced, and everyone can take it.


The bracelet is made of leather and gets spoiled in water, so it needs to be kept away from water. A bracelet should always be kept in a separate box and should not be kept with any other jewelry as the bracelet might get scratches. Make sure to always wipe this wonderful bracelet design for women with a clean and soft cloth.

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