Image of Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet - Front view
Image of Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet- Front view
Image of Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet - Front view

Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet


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In today's time, men have also become highly conscious about their looks; they do not want to be second to anyone in fashion. Nowadays, the fashion of wearing jewelry among men has increased a lot. At any age, today everyone likes to wear fashionable things. Yes, bracelets guys wear too, and this one is also an excellent buy for them. 

They always want to wear something different and unique and also look trendy wearing it. Nowadays, the trend of wearing leather bracelets has increased among men very much. 

Be it, students or office goers, everyone wants comfortable bracelets, light in weight, and something new and different. But many times, they get confused about what to take, which bracelet will be good for them, so no need to get confused anymore as Dbyca has a Weed Coffee Leather Bracelet for you. This leather bracelet is extremely anti-allergic with a stylish design and is affordable. So now, if someone asks you, are bracelets for guys? Say a big yes. 


This bracelet is made of extremely good quality soft and pure leather, along with plastic beads the metal buckle has been used in it. The quality of all materials used in this bracelet is very worthy.


This bracelet is of excellent design; colorful beads have been used to give a beautiful look to this bracelet; the buckle in the middle of the bracelet with a flower design engraved gives a unique look. It is a great bracelet to wear with watches for an extra edgy look. 


This is a standard size and perfect for every wrist.


This bracelet is of coffee color, the beads in it are red, off white, and the color of the buckle in the bracelet is silver. All these color combinations together give an elegant look to this bracelet. 


Always keep the bracelet in a separate box, do not keep it together with other jewelry, or else it will get tangled, and there are chances of its beads getting spoiled. Always keep it away from moisture and sunlight; otherwise, the leather will harden and get damaged. It should be kept away from chemicals and intoxicants like perfumes, alcohol, etc., there is a fear of damage to the leather. Do not go to the swimming pool and take a bath wearing this, because water spoils the leather. Whenever there is a need to clean it, wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. These are among the bracelets you can wear in the shower, but there is a risk of water damage to the leather.

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